Monday, May 31, 2010

The Mormon Vent


My name is Zachy Boy. I have been Mormon most of my life, and never actively disobeyed, and just because I was unable to go on mission, I have payed a steep price for the ridiculous expectations set up by Mormon Hierarchy.

They never outright said that members should alienate themselves from men who are unable to go on a mission, but they certainly set the stage. Especially by telling young women to strive to marry a Returned Missionary.

Congratulations Mormon Church. Your failure to accommodate ALL your members has led me to discover the truth behind your cult!

I will get into that in much greater details in upcoming blogs, but I never knew that Joseph Smith practiced polygamy! I knew that he received the revelation for it, but thought that he died shortly after, and never got the chance. That is what I was taught! This is proven to be a lie!

Anyways, my conscience would not rest easy unless I at least vented about my anger towards the Mormon Cult, and my strong desire for the truly good TBM's who could have an even more enriching life if they would somehow open up their minds to the TRUTH!

As for my name, Zachy Boy, it is an alias. Because of current circumstances, I am unable to reveal my true identity. Now, before you anti-anti-mormons go bizerk over this fact, consider that your culture makes it IMPOSSIBLE for anyone who disagrees with anything LDS to feel welcome! I have family members who would lose their minds, and blame my parents if I was discovered. My parents are good people, who have done nothing but their best to raise me, and I do not want any of this to fall back on them.

Yes, Mormons are so brainwashed, that they would blame my parents for my coming to the light, and having a brain.

To ex-mormons reading this blog, I am sure many of you are in positions to maintain a certain level of anonymity, for that very reason. Especially if you live in Utah!

To defensive Mormon apologists reading this: I dare you to prove me wrong. I DARE you to prove to me that if I went public with my anger towards the Mormon Hierarchy I would be treated in a manner of respect from other Mormons in Utah! I would say 95 percent of them would distance themselves from me, and at least 75 percent would go around labeling me as an apostate, and say I can't stop looking at porn!


That is all for now. I have A LOT to cover in this blog, and most of them will be topical.

Take care!

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