Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Leaving the Church Alone?

So apparently Church Members who do not appreciate the doings of "anti-mormons" ask them to just leave it alone.

What they don't understand, is most of us have been active Church members for most of our lives. We were faithful. Then one day we discovered that Joseph Smith had MULTIPLE accounts of his "First Vision", which were all completely different from one another, and then we discovered that he married girls as young as 14, 15, and 16! In addition, he was marrying other men's wives!

So, being shaken up a bit, we asked ourselves, "Well, maybe the beginning was fraudulent, but over time the Church evolved into the True Church". Sounds good until one listens to Gordon B. Hinckley being interviewed on national television.

He said that polygamy is NOT doctrinal, that we don't teach that men will become Gods, and that he has no idea why the Church did not permit blacks to receive the priesthood until 1978. Uh, how about racism pal?

There you have it, a prophet of God lying on national television.

Basically we have been defrauded, and our entire worlds have come apart, so we are a bit pissed off. We refuse to just sit back and allow the Mormon Cult, which is a CULT, to simply keep defrauding its members without somewhat of a fight.

I suggest all you TBM's out there who are infuriated with this blog, or similar blogs, read the Journal of Discourses by your "beloved" Prophet Brigham Young, and then tell me if his comments were not hate filled and bigoted.

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