Saturday, June 12, 2010

TBMs and Their Fake Friendships

Back in the days of being a TBM, I befriended a lot of people in my student ward. A lot of these people kept insisting that they thought I was "such an amazing friend", and that they "don't know what they would do without me". All of this bullshit was just a bunch of lies, and I came to realize that most die hard TBMs don't really give a damn about their friendships!

In 2007, a girl whom I will call Carrie went out of her way to befriend me. We would talk a lot, and she always told me that I was "her favorite person". At the time, I couldn't help but sense that she was being extremely in-genuine. Then when she moved out of the ward, she stopped responding to my emails, and never returned my calls! I thought to myself, "I knew it!"

In 2006, I became friends with a girl whom I will call Julie. She was a DIE HARD TBM who would defend the General Authorities even if they started asking parents for their 14 year old daughters today. She was obsessed with the Church. She always said that she loved being my friend, and thought I was such a cool person. Then when she left the ward, she stopped responding to my emails and never returned my calls! I thought, "Is this a pattern amongst die hard TBMs?"

In the summer of 2007, I became good friends with a girl whom I will call Audrey. I was her home-teacher for about six months, and she always seemed excited to see me and talk to me. Then when she left the ward, she stopped returning my emails, and eventually deleted me as a friend on Facebook. I thought, "Yeah, this is a pattern."

In the Fall of 2008, one of my Facebook friends saw that I joined a group AGAINST Proposition 8. She emailed me, "Do you even know what Proposition 8 is?" implying that she was enraged that I would dare go against the brethren. I will call this girl Rachelle. She deleted me as a friend on Facebook very shortly after. Ever since, when I have seen her, she has avoided looking at me, and looked as if she only wanted to get as far away from me as possible. Prior to this, she thought I was cool, and always talked to me when she had the chance. Yes, there is a pattern!

Over the past couple years, I have been amazed by how many of my Facebook friends, whom I thought were "good friends" have deleted me for no apparent reason whatsoever. I would understand if they got married, but they are still SINGLE! You want to know why they did all this? Because they are DIE HARD TBMs, and they are full of shit when they make statements about how much they enjoy being your friend, and they don't give a damn about you! They will judge the hell out of you if you do anything to indicate that you are not 100 percent in your being Mormon, and will alienate you as much as they can!

Take my advice. If you are currently in the Church for family or social reasons, but not devoted, and you have friends that seem a little obsessive with their love for the Mormon Church, just stop being their friend right then and there! Delete them on Facebook, avoid talking to them, and don't waste your time believing any lies that they enjoy your friendship. The truth is they are lying to you, and once they move, or you lose contact with them, they won't give a damn about you anymore.

Why would you want to have a friend who is constantly in-genuine, and will end up deleting you on Facebook anyway? You make the move!

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